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We are a premier Georgia Television, Film & Entertainment, behind the camera, production support consultant agency.  We have a diverse background of expertise, skills and talent.

With our core team; alongside a strong "partnering" strategy and extensive relationships, we represent 50+ years of combined experience.  We are able to provide clients with experienced, local production support.

We offer core vendor services and referral vendor services that fall within each of the major film production categories:  pre-production, production & post-production which enables us to create seamless services to support your production needs.  


Atlanta Life Media Agency pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and experienced skilled film and TV industry personnel.  It’s our team and our collaborative partnerships that make us successful in providing exceptional service to our clients. 
We provide an array of services; some customized to meet specific and unique needs.  We make the right connections with the right people in the right places.

Crew/On-Set Support

Marketing Support

Film Festivals

Including staff support such as
Production Assistants
Including product placement and brand integration 
Including special events
& VIP logistics 
 Craft Services
Catering Services


Hair Dresser, Make-up & Special Effects


Press Credentialing & Coordination

Product Placement 

Location Scouting & Location Manager


Site Medic

Special Events & VIP Logistics




Navigating and selecting the right vendors can be timely AND costly.
The diverse background, experience and local connections of our team allows us to be your “one-stop-shop” to coordinating your support service needs. 


Our mission is clear and our goal is simple -to connect our clients with local, experienced and professional services and to help the Georgia film, TV and entertainment industry not only grow but to become a sustaining industry in this region for years to come. 
Atlanta Life Media Agency is committed to providing superior service, going above and beyond to achieve our client’s needs.  Our passion for what we do is a key driver of how we deliver our services to our clients. 

We are passionate
about what we do

We are
client focused

We are a
trusted source
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