Atlanta Life Media Agency (ATLMA) is a film, TV and entertainment business support agency.  Established in 2015, alongside a strong partnering strategy and extensive local and regional relationships, ATLMA represent over 50 years of combined professional business and consulting experience.

We have a diverse background of expertise, skills and talent which makes us an in-demand support agency. Our projects include work with production companies, producers, writers, as well as distributors and investors. Although based in Atlanta, Georgia, ATLMA has a regional client footprint.



There are three key divisions within our agency where we offer an array of services -- some customized to meet specific and unique client needs. Our Support Agency include services that fall within each of the major film production categories: pre-production, production & post-production. Our business model allows us the ability to offer seamless services that could support all budget size production needs.


Behind-the-Camera Support

Including support such as Hair/Makeup & Craft Services.


Investment Support

Including support such as distribution and brand integration.


Ancillary Support

Including support such as small business digital promotions & VIP event logistics.



Navigating and selecting the right production support vendors can be timely and costly. The diverse background, experience, local and regional network connections of our agency allows us the ability to be your “one-stop-shop” for coordinating your project needs. 


Movie/TV Brand Integration


Hair Dresser, Make-up Artist


Set Medic

Craft Services




Special Events & VIP Logistics

Catering Services


Location Scouting 



Distribution (shopping)


Small Business Commercial Production




Let us help you bring the right people to your next project.




Our mission is clear and our goal is simple-to connect our clients with local, experienced and professional services and to help the Film, TV and entertainment industry not only grow but to be a sustainable industry in their region for years to come.

Atlanta Life Media Agency is committed to providing superior service; going above and beyond to achieve our client’s goals.  Our passion for what we do and to do it with a sense of excellence, is the driver of how we deliver services to our clients. 





Co-Founder & CEO

Melinda is co-founder and CEO of Atlanta Life Media Agency.  She served in leadership roles for Fulton and DeKalb County Governments and as a consultant in the private sector with over 25 years experience. She has Media experience – in front and behind the camera, and, has a passion for education and entertainment.  She has been in the media industry since 2008.  Upon early retirement from her government leadership position, she created Gerontological Marketing Concepts (GMC), a health promotion, media and marketing company. In 2015, she launched a multimedia company creating and delivering content that uplifts and inspires.  Melinda is an active member with the National Alliance for Women in Media, Gospel Music Association and Georgia Production Partnership (GPP).



Co-Founder & COO

Lynda is co-founder and COO of Atlanta Life Media Agency. As a former corporate business leader, she has over 28 years of communications, relationship management, strategic planning and negotiations experience.  It was as a radio show co-host for “Good Morning Caribbean,” a production of Kalalloo Radio, where she developed her passion for the entertainment industry.  Upon early retirement from her corporate position, she also established a relationship marketing business where she combines her "people-passion," business and team leadership skills to help others achieve success. Lynda is an active member with the National Association for Female Executives; the National Collation Against Domestic Violence and, the Alliance for Women in Media gospel music association. She is also a member of Georgia Production Partnership (GPP).